Continuing service

We are at your side
with Service and Support.


We offer continuing service and support for a higher customer satisfaction and an edge over the competition.

Maintenance Service - you will rest easy knowing that your devices are covered in the event of unforeseen issues. Regular maintenance is key factor in today' technical environment.

Assistance on assignment - for special and delicate tasks, we guarantee a technical assistance with a predefined spending bugdet. You call us, don't worry about how much we stay.

Warranty verification - we verify that all technology warranties are still valid, and give you the opportunity to update or upgrade devices when needed.

Continuous monitoring - we help each customer maintain a maximum content quality by establishing a continual monitoring of resources and devices.

Cloud services. - move some of your AV services to the Cloud, enabling you to simplify your infrastructure and save money over time. We will be glad to help you define your needs.

Digital Signage integration - we help you integrate third-party audio and video streams, external information or propetary services in your signage contents.

Event Service - we guarantee technical support, audio and video monitoring during scheduled events held at your site or other locations. A professional presence is always appreciated.

Content packages - digital signage and pro AV content packages, one time or on a regular basis, receive ready-to-run content that suits your company and space.

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